E.E.R has come to Chestnuts

Chestnuts Community Centre on June,30th,2015

Robert Thairu is a social enterprise trading as Estates Elite Recycling. Based in Haringey and serving local communities of London, E.E.R is taking us on a sure ride to success.

Robert’s passion for carbon emission activities has focused his efforts to encourage and educate estates and private households on the value and ownership of recycling in their communities. E.E.R is committed to changing the habits of the ‘big black bin liner’ to the benefits of simple, more efficient ways of getting rid of waste, which can cut costs by at least half and therefore afford the opportunity to redirect resources and services for participating communities, also provide reasonably priced products, i.e. compostable liners and innovative caddy.


Robert is particularly changing the traditional face of waste, into a young, vibrant and exciting opportunity. 


E.E.R will be at Chestnuts Community Centre as a point of contact and demonstrating our relationship with food waste recycling and how we can get more from it as a resource. Visit E.E.R in the front area and see the seven day Caddy Challenge and ask Robert your curious questions. Also purchase your compostable caddy liners from E.E.R at the right price for the right quality.

Keep an eye out for the exciting Calypso Recycling Story for children and workshops coming soon!

Contact Robert on: 0203 701 7855

E.E.R is a member of Living Worx. Based in Chestnuts Community Centre, we support and offer Leadership and Organising development training for young adults 18 – 35, with our; ‘Be Yourself Working’ community business programme.

There are many young adults like me out there, who experience big challenges that cause bigger barriers to business and employment, yet we are a valued and worthy part of community life. Living Worx has helped me take better control and productivity of my life”. Robert Thairu of E.E.R.

To be yourself working contact Juliet at Living Worx on: 020 8815 3937.