Hiring Information

From 2 February 2015 the Bridge Renewal Trust became the management body for Chestnuts Community Centre.

Chestnuts Community Centre has a variety of different spaces available for hire – suitable for anything from small meetings and group activities through to large conferences and private functions.

Our office at Chestnuts will be open for information, bookings and site visits from 10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday.

The centre can be booked between 7.30am – 10.30pm on Monday – Thursday, 7.30am – 11.00pm Friday and Saturday and 8am -10pm on Sundays.

Hiring space at Chestnuts Community Centre – Terms of business

Charging structure

Rooms are charged on the following hourly basis:

  • Commercial Rate – this is the general rate that applies to everyone not eligible to receive a discount or operating as a partner delivering the Chestnuts Community Programme.
  • Community Group Rate – discount on the commercial rate for charities, community groups and social businesses that operate for the benefit of and include local residents in South Tottenham.
  • Local Resident Rate – discount on the commercial rate for South Tottenham residents booking for private functions and events.

Equipment may only be left and stored at Chestnuts Community Centre by agreement. The Bridge Renewal Trust cannot take responsibility for any property, valuables or equipment that is not explicitly secured by agreement and that meets the terms of our contents insurance policy.

Lockable storage is available for hire at £2-£5 per week. This depends on the amount of space required. A refundable key deposit of £10 is also required.

Hire Charges

  Space   CR   CGR   LRR   
  Main Hall (MH)   £50/hour   £30/hour   £35/hour
  Kitchen (K)   £40/hour   £25/hour   £35/hour
  Canteen (C)   £40/hour   £25/hour   £35/hour
  Activity room 1 (A1)   £40/hour   £30/hour   £35/hour
  Bundle 1: MH,K,C,A1   £190/hour   £100/hour   £110/hour
  Bundle 2: MH,K,C   £90/hour   £50/hour   £60/hour
  Activity 2 (A2)   £40/hour   £25/hour   £30/hour
  Dance/exercise studio (DS)   £55/hour   £45/hour   £50/hour
  Bundle 3: MH,K,C,A1,A2,DS   £300/hour


If you are interested in hiring space at Chestnuts please talk to the Chestnuts reception staff at the centre or call 0208 4427659 / email: chestnuts@bridgerenewaltrust.org.uk

Delivering services and activities as part of the Chestnuts Community Programme

Working through not for profit partnerships, the Bridge Renewal Trust is aiming to develop a programme of activities, services and events which are:

  • Free or affordable to local people
  • Open to all – or specifically targeted to fill a gap and meet a need
  • Contributing to improving the wellbeing, integration and personal development of local people

In order to support this, lower hire rates are available – these are intended to contribute towards subsidising accessible and sustainable activities and services for the benefit of local people.

As part of partnership working, organisations providing services and activities as part of the Chestnuts Community Programme will be expected to:

  • Ensure centre sign in sheets are completed by all their participants
  • Provide monitoring information about the demography of their participants including gender, ethnicity, language, religion, disability and sexuality
  • Promote activities through the center website and contribute to the overall communication of the Chestnuts Community Programme
  • Secure participant feedback to contribute to the impact measurement, community involvement and communications priorities of the centre
  • Contribute to the ‘Community Programme Development Group’

If you would like to develop and offer new activities and services as part of the community programme please contact Geoffrey Ocen or Russel King Tel: 0208 442 7659 or email admin@bridgerenewaltrust.org.uk